After the release, Dan continued to write and record new songs and regularly played live around London and the South.  In February 2012, he embarked on his first ever full tour, supporting Charlene Soraia at her sold out shows around the UK, receiving glowing reviews from press and fans for his mesmerising solo performances.


A second EP, 'Against a Sea of Troubles', was launched and sold only at gigs until it's official release.  The new EP, featuring live favourite, 'In The Shadows of Better Men', received fantastic reviews and showed a glimpse of Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra's more theatrical and, at times, gothic sound.  Festival dates, including performances at Kendal Calling (Peak District), the main stage at Leefest (London) and Blue Balls (Lucerne, Switzerland), as well as a small solo tour followed the launch and a third was recorded but never released.  After recording ‘The Street Urchin Opera’, the follow up to ‘Against a Sea of Troubles’, the masters were lost and the band was unable to release it.


After the disappointment of losing an entire record, the band regrouped with a whole bunch of new songs and set to work on their debut album ‘Shadow & Whimsy’.  They joined up with producer Richard Neuberg (Viarosa) and spent much of 2015 recording in the Oxfordshire countryside.  A crowd-funding campaign for ‘Shadow & Whimsy’ became very successful, with fans pre-ordering the album and far exceeding the campaign’s target.  ‘Shadow & Whimsy’, the debut album from Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra will be released in 2016 and shows a real development and maturity in the band’s sound and approach.  ‘Dressed Up in Sables’ is the album’s first single and is a hard hitting indie-folk anthem about mania and depression, and the blurred lines between the two, with a touch of post-punk venom and snarl, but also the camp swagger and imagination of a melodramatic musical theatre number.  We look forward to seeing what 2016 holds for Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra.


- Feb 2016