'Against a Sea of Troubles' (September 2012) – A 3 song EP containing the rockabilly-tinged single 'In the Shadows of Better Men'; mournful, orchestral, 60s influenced love ballad 'The Devil's Favourite Love Story' and the Russian folk infused epic 'Petrushka'.


In the Shadows of Better Men (Radio Edit)
The Devil's Favourite Love Story
In the Shadows of Better Men
Against a Sea of Troubles

"Shears has created three little gems ensuring that we can safely assume to be hearing plenty more from him for a long time to come... ★★★★★" - ARTROCKER.


"Evoking a mental narrative of a whimsical carnival... the listener can't deny Dan and his Orkestra's abundance of musical skill. Check it out." - BEATWOLF.




'The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart' (2010) - Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra present this deep, dark and passionate debut record entitled 'The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart', a reference to a Ludwig Wittgenstein quote. This 6 track (or "Acts" as they are referred to on the album sleeve) EP is a stunning introduction to a British band who have been earmarked for big things.


One Dry Eye in the House of God
Vasilisa: The Girl Who Lived in the Dark
The City of Dreadful Night
The Rest is Silence
London by Lamplight

The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart




This opening installment precedes the band's first album, 'Take Up Arms', and offers a peering look into what to expect from the London based outfit; an angelic voice taking wing above a surging ocean of orchestral sound and intensely dark and passionate songs with a visceral lyrical style. This debut EP tells tales of passion, hurt, murder and love against a horrific, apocalyptic backdrop.


"Deeply moving, dark and passionate, songs about hurt, murder and love are all complimented by a suitably dramatic backdrop". Read more at UNPLUGTHEJUKEBOX.COM.


"This hugely talented young singer/songwriter has been working on this album for some time now, and boy was it worth the wait. His lyrics pluck at your heartstrings as if casting a lovesick spell and his sweet falsetto vocals have the power to reduce any audience to stunned silence. An impressive debut. 8/10", James Watts, XYZ Magazine.