Please check out the video for our first single, 'Dressed Up in Sables' (digital-only release July 8). The video was directed by Jamie Williams and was filmed entirely in and around South London, where most of the band are based. It also features freaky clown, Mr Snuggles, who people may recognise from numerous TV appearances... Dan and The Velveteen Orkestra have been members of the evil clown circuit for years now, so they called in a favour.


Interesting facts...

    1. Band members, Dan and Megan play Mr Snuggles' two clown minions.
    2. The angry man who fights with the clowns is played by Dan's father.



Tour Diary

Dan kept a very informative and filth-laden tour diary during his time supporting Charlene Soraia across the UK. You can watch it all on his YouTube Channel here. (NSFW)


Video for 'The Rest is Silence'

Video by Plainview Media.